How To Choose a Dog Tag ?


Metal Dog Tags:
The most common metals used are brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. Stainless steel dog tags are the most durable. They will not show wear and tear after many years of use. Unlike their brass counterparts, stainless steel dog tags also fare well in water. Many people choose aluminum dog tags because they are less expensive and come in many colors; however, the main goal of a dog tag is to get the pet home safely.

Plastic Dog Tags:
Some prefer plastic pet ID tags because they can be easily decorated. Some plastic dog tag makers can even add a photo to the tag. It should be noted, however, that plastic dog tags are the least durable of any type of dog tag.

Choosing a Size
Dog tags, when properly fitted, should not distract or bother the pet. Purchase small dog tags for puppies. Puppies that grow into medium or large dogs will need bigger tags as they grow. Tags that are 1 inch wide or less are ideal for cats and small dogs. Tags that are more than 1 inch in width are for medium and large dogs. Shoppers may also want to consider purchasing a pet tag holder.

Choosing an Inscription
Engraving the pet’s information is the most important step. Many pet owners choose to have a double-sided tag. The front displays the pet’s name, and the back displays the owner’s contact information, which should include a name and two phone numbers. Blank pet tags are available for those who have access to engraving equipment.

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